Wpoven Review with Pros and Cons

Wpoven review
  • Features - 98
  • Pricing - 100
  • Support - 98
  • Overall - 99


If you are searching for a budget managed wordpress host, then this is Wpoven is your best choice.

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Managed WordPress Hosting is too costly compared to normal shared hosting and even VPS plans. Thats true becuase of the features they provide. And now we have another alternative.

Having entered the market lately and originating from India, Wpoven provides managed wordpress hosting at the price of an affordable VPS along with the features of both, VPS and managed wordpress hosting.



SSD are faster and Wpoven use SSD servers for all their clients.

If you have used Cpanel and like it, then you will love wpoven even more. All necessary tools like File manager, cache cleaner, database manager, Site cloning, Lock/Unlock file permissions, Cron job Manager are at a single place and the dashboard is pretty easy to manage and use too.

Their tools and features are pretty easy to use and not clouded with unnecessary options. In built analytics on Ram, storage and site statistics are just some of the basic features to be talked about.

Dedicated Cloud Hosting:

Every Account gets a VPS and dedicated RAM without any sharing. All setups come with Firewall , Varnish Caching , DoS service and malware protection.

Plans and Pricing:

Unlike other managed wordpress hosting companies those offer just two or three plans to choose from ,Wpoven offers six plans to choose from depending upon our website needs.

And the best thing about Wpoven is, it does not restrict you to the number of installations like other managed hosts.You can have as many websites on your account as you want.

 Visits and Bandwidth:

Every wordpress host places a limit on the number of visits an account can have.  At wpoven, there are no limits on visits. Wanna here the sweet words again? Yes, there are no limits on the number of visitors you can have. However they do depict limits on their website for the tiny and micro plan that are not exactly limits, but are optimal performance limits. We asked them and they answered us.

Bandwidth is however limited to each plan ranging from 1Tb to 32Tb.

Developer Focused:

Wpoven has features that help developers manage their client sites more efficiently, helping them concentrate on developing websites  rather than on hosting.

Developers can create Custom Invoices on their whitelabelled clients manager and they have a seperate dashboard to manage clients.


Support is what impressed us the most. It took us no more than 2 min to get a  response to our ticket and 10 min to solve it. Their knowledgebase is pretty informative with step by step images and they keep updating it with new FAQ’s.


 Staging is one of the best features a managed hosting should have. You can make changes to a live replica of your site and test any code plugin or theme before implementing. After testing you can implement the changes with one click sync.

Pros :

  • Staging Feature
  • SSD servers
  • Unlimited visits( The visits on Tiny and Micro Plans are just estimated for optimal performance)
  • Low Prices( compared to other hosts)
  • Unlimited Sites
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Dedicated RAM ( Now you dont need to share your resources )


  • Just entered the market ( Seriously, is this a Con? )




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