Wpengine Review with Pros and Cons

Wpengine review
  • Features - 100
  • pricing - 90
  • Support - 100
  • Overall - 98


Read below the 6 reasons why you should take up wpengine

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Now this is what is called managed hosting. If there is one and only one choice to select a managed wordpress host, it would be Wpengine.

Wpengine provides the best managed hosting for wordpress. Every one agrees with it. Unlike other hosts, they concentrate on making wordpress sites fast, secure and flexible.


This is one thing every wordpress user should be concerned about.

With wordpress being the most used CMS on the planet, hackers target it more.

With hardend wp security measures, wpengine even promises to get your website back on for free, if it ever gets hacked. They use Succuri to scan your website regularly.


WordPress is easy, flexible and beginner friendly. You can do almost anything with a wordpress website. Do you know that the wp team at wpengine go one step ahead and  help you with minor issues or things not related to hosting but related to wordpress. For example, if you ever have to choose between two plugins or themes, they will help you make a decision. Cool, right? Well they are wordpress experts!


Caching technology:

Every site is unique and you have to test and cache it using a plugin with advanced options.Now you don’t ever need to install a caching plugin.

Wpenine  says that, this is their secret sauce. Using evercache technology they boost about scalable architecture that can handle huge traffic surges and spikes. Most hosts crash the website or slow down page speeds when the simultaneous connections increase above 25-50. Now you dont have to worry about this. they got you covered.



This is one of their most customer loved feature. It would be an insult if not mentioned.

Ok, what does it do?

Simple! you want to try a code to make a change and implement it and your site suddenly goes down becuase of the code, while your site visitors are at bay. Now it wont be a problem, you can test any codes , themes , plugins on a live replica of your site with one click. When the testing is completed, you can get it online with one click. Cool, right?


Daily backups of the database and all files, which can be restored with one click are stored for 30days. And want to know something sweet? Backups dont form a part of your 10gb storage like other web hosting providers.  You can even make a backup at any point of time from their dashboard. Now you don’t even need a costly backup service or plugin.


For serious bloggers and e-commerce sites, uptime is something that is too valuable to loose. Wpengines uptime is outstanding in this case and what more? They credit your account with 5% for every hour there is downtime. So, here is a hosting provider who takes hosting seriously!

Data centers:

Having 12 data centers , they give the choice of three datacenters for their basic plans.


Starting its prices at 29$/month, it priced heavily above normal web hosts, Wpengine is still a catch for professionals who don’t think about costs, but who think about the outcomes. Wpengine is worth every penny you spend. Still not convinced? Just read the features once more. If you are a business or ecommerce site, then think no more, Wpengine will be your best choice.


Wpengine works on the basis visits. A visit is when a unique IP address surfs your site. The visitor may browse, download and consume tons of bandwidth but it still counts as just one visit for 24hours. The ip address will be considered a new visit from the next day. High advantage for e-commerce sites with lots of products as bandwidth is not taken into account.


wpengine features


  • SSD servers
  • Evercache technology ( No more fiddling with caching plugins)
  • Staging
  • MAX CDN ( provided from business plan. Now you can save a few more bucks)
  • High Security
  • Succuri scanned (  You dont have to buy a succuri plan now! )
  • Daily backups ( No more buying a backup service or fiddling with plugins)
  • Higher uptime (Best in the industry)


  • Limited visits( extra visits are overage charges)
  • Even bots and crawlers are treated as visits ( this can be solved by setting up cloudflare )
  • Pricing may seem a bit high. ( Anyhow who provides such awesome features and amazing tools? )
  • Few plugins should not be used as the may cause clashes.
  • No email ( Wpengine concentrates on its hosting rather than other basics)



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