What is cloud hosting? Know the truth before buying!

Cloud hosting, Cloud VPS, Cloud servers !!!

You hear it all the time, but do you know what it is?

Here is the truth – Not all hosting providers sell real cloud services. Some make up their own definitions of what „Cloud“ means. So, we came up with the idea of explaining what cloud is.

Simply said „Cloud hosting is when your website is hosted on more than one virtual server“. This method gives high benefits in the form of redundancy, scalability and higher processing power.


Generally, one instance will be connected to five or six servers that work, in case one fails. This mechanism guarantees that your website/application is always up with the necessary resources.

So, whats are the benefits of using Cloud Infra structure?

  • Higher uptime: When one server fails, another automatically takes up the job. This reduces the downtime to negligible or none at all. This is the main feature that differs cloud from other hosting mechanisms. Cloud hosting can guarantee ‚Zero‘ downtime.
  • Performance: In Cloud Hosting, the site operates on multiple servers connected together rather than focusing on the single server found in other traditional hosting services (shared/dedicated). Therefore, site performance is significantly improved because the traffic going to another site will not negatively affect the performance of your site. my pc ip address http://www.hostingsreviews.com/what-is-cloud-hosting/ http://www.hostingsreviews.com/what-is-cloud-hosting/You can expect to receive consistently strong performance regardless of other traffic.
  • Scalability: In case of traffic spikes, the resources will automatically upgrade and downgrade as per the needs. And guaranteed servers resources for your web application.


And lastly

When should you opt for Cloud hosting?

If you are business or managing an application that cannot afford downtime and needs reliability, then you are good to go for cloud hosting solutions.

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