Arvixe Review With Pros and Cons

Arvixe Review
  • Features - 98
  • Pricing - 100
  • Support - 95
  • Overall - 98


For a few bucks an year you not only get hosting but also a free domain and SSD hosting! An awesome deal not to be missed.

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Arvixe is one of the few companies providing SSD drives for shared hosting.  If you dont know the importance of SSD drives, we urge you to read it here.

Free Domain:

Renewing domain every year is a troublesome task. It costs you money and you need to remember the date to renewal unless you have auto renew enabled. Now with Arvixe you not only receive a free domain, you don’t ever need to renew it as long as you are with them. Sounds cool, right?


Arvixe provides two plans- Personalclass and Personalclass pro . The only differance is the number of domains you will be able to host- 6 domains for the personal and unlimited domains for the personal pro. Apart from the number of domains, you will get unlimited SSD diskspace, unlimited bandwidth, email and etc for both the plans.

Renewal Price:

One of the reasons why you should take up Arvixe is the renewal price. Most other hosts increase their renewal price many folds after the first year. However, Arvixe has the same prices when you signup. ( saves your pocket from burning).


And all the more, we negotiated a discount with Arvixe. Using this coupon you will get hosting at just 2.80$/month. Read on to know more.


Arvixe is cloudflare’s optimised partner that provides with faster page load times. You will not need an extra CDN. Get to know how cloudflare works here.



  •  Life long free domain- reduces 15$ yearly expense
  • Free Domain Privacy- 10$ yearly savings ( many other providers charge you for this even when they provide free domain)
  • Cloudflare Raigun worth 200$ ( other hosts need you to upgrade plan or pay higher to use this feature)
  • Same and low Renewal Price at less than 4$/month – most companies have exorbitant (very high) renewal prices  
  • SSD drives for faster performance
  • 60 day Money back Guarantee
  •  24/7/365 hour support
  • Free Site Builder (Mobile Responsive)


  • You may want to consider this, that your free domain is renewed by arvixe only as long as your are with them and if you want to change your host, you should pay for the domain. ( This is not a disadvantage, but is a reasonable condition to be observed.)



Use our exclusive Coupon code „Clue30“ to get 30% lifelong discount with a free domain and free domain privacy forever. With this coupon you get hosting and all addons for just 2.80$ per month. Pretty cheap, right?





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